The Wonder of Bone Broths

Bone Broth is my very favorite thing to do, I have a pot bubbling away a few times a week. The health benefits are numerous, it is simple to make, delicious, satisfying (I have many Cheffy “dulux” moments while looking with pride at the wibbly wobbly Broth) and it’s good for-EVERYTHING! My Naturopathic clients would attest to my love of all things bone broth and I sometimes wonder if I’ve helped create an organic marrow bone shortage in Melbourne….
Bone broth is like normal stock but made with big, cheap bones which are simmered for a very long time, (24-36 hrs.)The addition of a bit of cider vinegar helps to leech the wonderful minerals from the bone and marrow.

The easiest way to approach bone broth is to get yourself a cheap slow cooker, that way there is no stress leaving it on the stove top unattended and it’s virtually impossible to burn….


Here are some of the things I prescribe bone broth for in my Practice:

1. Joint Pain, arthritis all connective tissue disorders, some of the minerals that end up in your broth are calcium, magnesium and phosphorus. It is also rich in Proline, an amino acid that supports connective tissue
2. Poor immune system function, as above all the wonderful minerals in bone broth help support your immune additionally, a deficiency of dietary protein or amino acids has long been known to impair immune function and increase the susceptibility of animals and humans to infectious disease. Protein malnutrition reduces concentrations of most amino acids in plasma. Findings from recent studies indicate an important role for amino acids in immune responses by regulating: (1) the activation of T lymphocytes, B lymphocytes, natural killer cells and macrophages; (2) cellular redox state, gene expression and lymphocyte proliferation; and (3) the production of antibodies, cytokines and other cytotoxic substances. Bone Broth is an easy, highly absorbable way to increase protein.
3. It’s amazing for your GIT, I know Naturopaths bang on about the gut all the time, but it is so important! Bone broth is rich in collagen and gelatin, which have been shown to benefit people with ulcers. The main amino acid in gelatin is glycine, It is anti-inflammatory, hydrophilic (hydrating), heals damaged intestinal lining benefiting “leaky gut” and allergies, and improves hydrochloric acid insufficiency
4. Hair Skin and Nails. I see so many people who have issues in this area as they are not getting adequate good nutrition. This is another instance where the collagen, gelatin and proline as a per-cursor to collagen help to build strong hair and nails
5. It’s great for the liver, both proline and glycine aids in Phase 2 Liver detoxification
6. Bone Broth is also rumored to be great for cellulite due to the high collagen levels…..

Bone Broth Recipe

My Crock pot holds 5 liters.
2-2.5kg of bones, my organic butcher gives me a combination of chopped up marrow bones, ribs etc., you really want the ones that would usually be thrown out the more marrow and connective tissue the better
½ cup of good cider vinegar
Aromatics like bay leaf and thyme
2 sticks celery
2 rough chopped carrots
Top with cold water
Turn on the crock pot and leave it on low for 24 to 36 hours have a look at it occasionally if the water is too low top it up every six hours or so, don’t top it up to close to the end of the cooking you don’t want to dilute it at this stage.
Strain, and place in the fridge
When it’s wonderfully jelly like and set, you need to peel the big layer of hard fat off the top, very easy to do! Throw that away.

*If you want a “browner” looking stock roast the bones first, I find because I cook it for so long mine is always a nice colour anyway.
*Chicken bones cook in a lot less time, I would stick to a slow cooker for 15-20 hours

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