You don’t need to be unwell to visit a Naturopath!

In addition to targeting specific ailments or diseases, I also aim to help restore health, balance and vitality – an essential part of everyone’s wellbeing.  My primary goal is to educate my patients whilst using both nutritional and herbal medicine to manage a huge range of health conditions. I prescribe a wide array of treatments specific to each patient. These treatments include herbal medicine, nutritional medicine, homeopathic remedies, food as Medicine, and life coaching practices such as NLP or NET.

programs01Holistic Nutrition

Holistic nutrition recognizes the whole person, and considers the nutritional, biochemical environmental and emotional aspects of our relationship with food. I give special focus to the gastrointestinal system. If our digestive system is not up to scratch, we will not be able to digest and assimilate our nutrients.

It’s always of benefit to look at the diet as a whole. Ask yourself: what is your constitutional type? What are you trying to achieve with your diet?

Essentially we all require the same kind of diet. We need high quality protein, good fats, and large amounts of vegetables, nuts and seeds, whilst minimizing refined carbohydrates, sugar, additives and overly processed foods. Holistic nutrition helps break down the confusing or conflicting information you may have about food, allowing you to approach your diet with knowledge and care.

Wholefood consultancy and recipe development

As a former chef, I have experience creating recipes for several companies such as The Convenient Kitchen. In addition to working with traditional medicine, I’m also available to work with you to develop delicious recipes with nutritional whole foods.

Contact me today and together we can develop a health programme that suits your body and lifestyle.