Paleo Burger

We all love a good burger, and making it delicious, tasty and good for you is devastatingly easy!

Half a kilo Grass-fed or Organic Beef mince
2 teaspoons of mixed herbs (I use either dry herbs or a combo from my garden such as Rosemary/parsley/Mint)
½ Tsp of dry mustard powder or smoked Paprika (this will depend on what is in my cupboard)
2 tsp of sea salt
1 tsp cracked black pepper
Coconut oil for cooking
1 entire iceberg lettuce cut into ¼’s
Grated carrot
Shredded red cabbage
Sliced tomato
Homemade mayonnaise

The trick to getting burgers to bind is to knead the meat for a few minutes that way you don’t need to add any fillers and they will not fall apart
I always fry off a 20cent size piece of burger mix before I roll out the whole batch so I can adjust the seasoning if need be.
Shape the burgers into 4 patties and pan-fry in coconut oil.
Take the centre out of the iceberg ¼’s making sure you still have a sturdy multi layered corner (like a pitta pocket)
Layer your burger, carrot, cabbage tomato and mayo
Eat!!! It’s messy and incredibly delicious, hard to believe its healthy!


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