Hi! I’m Indra.

As a highly qualified and passionate Naturopath, I love selecting the best natural remedies to make you as healthy as possible.

With extensive experience in several fields of traditional medicine, I’ve been successful in treating a diverse array of health concerns. My primary goal is for my patients to achieve a vibrant and naturally healthy lifestyle. My philosophy is based on holistic health – I truly believe that everyone’s body has the innate ability to heal itself.

Using a variety of tools, I aim to rebuild physical, emotional and spiritual well-being in each of my patients.

As a former chef, my love for food gives me a unique appreciation for the nutritional benefits of a quality diet. This understanding has helped me establish custom diets, adapted to patients faced with weight loss issues, dietary restrictions due to allergies, and other dietary problems.


I hold several unique qualifications in the field of traditional medicine, including the following:

• Member of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society
• Registered in Naturopathy, Western Herbal Medicine and Nutrition
• Bachelor of Health Science in Complimentary Medicine
• Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy
• Certified in Dark Field Microscopy (Live Blood Screening)
• Certified Fitgenes practitioner. Fitgenes is a new genre of Nutrigenomics practice and education that integrates genetic testing, along with nutrition and exercise physiology into health and wellness programs for your unique DNA
• Reiki Master
• Certified practitioner for Asyra testing
• Certified in Bioempedience testing
• Certified to practice NET technique
• Certified in NLP

In addition to having extensive experience in all aspects of Naturopathy, I have a special interest in the following:

• Adrenal fatigue/Stress management
• Emotional imbalances
• Autoimmune Disease
• Detoxification
• Achieving vitality
• Weight loss
• Sleep disturbances
• Anxiety
• Immune system imbalances
• Thyroid management
• Skin imbalances
• Allergies – food/environment

I place a great deal of importance in keeping up to date with the industry. I regularly attend integrative medicine conferences around Australia in an effort to continually expand my knowledge and skill.

I base my philosophy on treating not only the physical body, but also the emotional and spiritual aspects of my patients. By focusing on the “individual” and not just the disease, I believe my patients can truly embrace optimum long term health and well-being.

I love to call myself a Real Food Lover. A lot of people feel the need to label their food choices, if anything I would say I am a mix of Paleo, Raw Food, a gigantic Vegetable lover, and gluten free (I am a diagnosed Celiac). I am not rigid with my food choices, if its Real Food it will be in my diet. My big rule is to stick to Organic meat, vegetables & fruit, while also including small amounts of Organic or Biodynamic dairy. Being stressed and dogmatic about food has never worked for me – being healthy and making good choices does. It’s my sincere hope that my recipes and articles will inspire you to make great choices too!

I currently live in Melbourne with my husband of over 20 years, my Red Heeler, my gorgeous French Bulldog and my adorable rescue cat.